Bridging Gaps to Meet Felt Needs

Christ Church Newark 
275 Sussex Street, Newark, NJ 07107
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** EBT Cards are accepted **

*All weights and measures are approximate. Due to product availability, items of equal or greater value may be substituted.

Host site and Jolin Food Box are not responsible for items missing after delivery.

Due to nationwide budget cuts, millions of families are feeling a financial pinch. It is becoming increasingly difficult to keep up with the rising cost of everyday products. Prices on taxes, tolls, food and fuel are increasing, but the weekly pay check stays the same or possibly reduced. People can no longer afford the same luxuries as they could before…  Here at Bridge Builders CDC, we have found a way for families to save money on their monthly grocery bill without compromising their quality of life... Bridge Builders CDC has partnered with a wholesale food distributor called Jolin Foods.

About Jolin Foods:  “We provide an inexpensive, high quality food solution for families. Our program aids families in saving money by eliminating the need to purchase all your food from local retail grocery stores. Jolin foods is proud to offer you a food box containing high quality food items at wholesale prices”.  The Jolin food box is delivered at the end of every month to Christ Church Newark and is specially designed to enable a family to have enough food to last about a week. It consists of a balance of vegetables, meats, starches and desserts and is carefully packaged to maintain food quality.  “For over 20 years, Jolin Foods has been dedicated to providing quality frozen, dairy, and grocery food products at discount prices. Timely delivery, customer service and dependability are our top priorities”.

Bridge Builders CDC is proud to offer this valuable resource to you and your family.  Every month we will feature a different menu.  There are no income restrictions, no order limitations and no nonsense.    Bridge Builders CDC is committed to “Helping Families Help Themselves”.

Helping Families Help Themselves

No Income Restrictions – No Order Limits – No Nonsense!

Bridge Builders CDC

275 Sussex Avenue

Newark, NJ 07107


Phone: (973) 484-0200